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Project Corvette 3

Project Corvette 3
Here are some pics of the body repairs further along should give you some idea as to how long this part of the project really took. But in all my time I had to invest the cost was really low. Just some good body filler that was about 60 to 100 a gallon and a crap load fo sanding disc. The car had a few coats of paint and the factory gel coat I had to dig thru to get the right level of filler into the cracks to prevent them from forming again over time.

I had a compressor and borrowed an air sander from a friend. I also needed a few other products that did not total more than 50 dollars. Adhesion promoter for the rubber bumpers and rear end section.

From the pictures below you can see the door handles and emblems have been shaved. This was done to improve the look of the car and help if the car ever reached its 200mph goal. Just one less thing to fix when trying to reach those types of speeds.

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